Giving solutions space to emerge by themselves

I spent this week working with 8 leaders and changemakers in Warwickshire. 9 chairs, 1 flip chart, 0 slides. Purely experiential. Because in a complex world there are no clear-cut solutions. We practiced slowing down, noticing, using feelings as data, giving feedback, coaching each other, and being present in a client-centred way. When you enableContinue reading “Giving solutions space to emerge by themselves”

I asked 50 geospatial leaders about success. Here’s their advice

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been contacting leaders around the geospatial industry to find out what they believe it takes to be successful. This is to help inspire postgraduate students on a business and leadership training programme I’m delivering at two UK universities. So I asked ca. 50 leaders in my network one simpleContinue reading “I asked 50 geospatial leaders about success. Here’s their advice”

As a leader, your greatest power is to do nothing

Superheroes have had their day. In today’s world of exponential complexity, neither Batman nor Superwoman would cut it. To be able to run at lightning speed is nice, but will only get you to the wrong place faster. Sometimes, you just have to stop. Literally. Just do nothing. This is hard. Leaders have a biasContinue reading “As a leader, your greatest power is to do nothing”