Unleash your true potential at work.

Lead with clarity and purpose.

Launch your big idea.

Make your next career move.

My name is Thierry and I believe that everyone deserves a chance to reach their true potential. Whether you want to lead more powerfully, grow your career, or simply work more on your own terms — my mission is to turn your vision of success into reality.

Since founding True Horizon Coaching in 2020 I have worked with dozens of people around the world, from CEOs to entrepreneurs and mid-career professionals. You next?

Executive Coaching

For leaders and entrepreneurs. Create some headspace, prioritise goals, develop strategy, be yourself as a leader, build trust and confidence, resolve complex issues, achieve impact.

Career Coaching

Grow your career, or reimagine it entirely. Clarify your real aspirations and take concrete steps to achieve them.

Digital / Geo Mentoring

As a coach I try to give as little advice as possible, but some people like to work with me as a mentor and sounding board specifically to leverage my longstanding experience in the digital and geo sectors.

How it works

Coaching sessions are private and confidential, held remotely via video call.

To understand more about coaching and its benefits, check out the FAQ page or see what some of my clients have said about their coaching experience. If you’re new to coaching, the only way to truly understand its benefits is to experience it for yourself.

I also run a pro bono programme offering free coaching to individuals from under-represented or disadvantaged backgrounds. Enquire for details.

Keep growing!

Thierry Gregorius PhD

Copyright © 2020-2021. True Horizon Coaching is a business venture operated by Thierry Gregorius under UK sole trader status from Ottery St Mary, Devon, EX11 1DX, UK. Cover photo by Will van Wingerden.