Slides & recording from my careers webinar at Women in Geospatial+

Today I had the great pleasure of running an hour-long career webinar for the worldwide professional network, Women in Geospatial+. The event was kindly hosted by Julia Wagemann and Kate Vavra-Musser. In this webinar we discussed: The different paths that a geospatial career can take. How the psychology of flourishing and universal human needs canContinue reading “Slides & recording from my careers webinar at Women in Geospatial+”

Why work with a coach? Five stories from real people I’ve worked with

Coaching is a powerful way of guiding people through change.  That sounds nice, but what does it actually look like? In this post I am sharing real stories from real people I have coached. To protect their confidentiality, names have been changed. 1. Seeing yourself as a leader Sharon, a senior manager, was unsure ifContinue reading “Why work with a coach? Five stories from real people I’ve worked with”


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