About you

You want to grow as a person, make positive impact and achieve something that is meaningful and authentic to you — as a leader, professional, freelancer or entrepreneur.

Maybe you need to unpack your world, and map a clear way forward through competing priorities. Or you already know what you want, but aren’t quite sure how to get there. Or you’re pondering a transformational pivot — for your business, your team, or your career.

Whatever your goal, you are open to exploring new ideas and ways forward. You want to work with purpose, aligned with your values. You want to work with a coach who is capable of inspiring you to think clearly, calmly, creatively and fearlessly.

About me

Hi — my name is Thierry and I’m an executive coach based near Exeter, in Britain’s beautiful South West. Fully certified and accredited with ILM and EMCC, I have been working as a professional coach for a number of years. I came to coaching after 20 years in leadership and consulting roles in global sectors including Geospatial, Digital, Energy, Environment and Education.

I coach with a strong focus on authenticity, vision, strategy, transformation, creativity, productivity and wellbeing.

“Thierry asks questions that nobody else asks.”

Technology Consultant and Director (2017)

I have worked around the the world, with a love of learning, connecting, and feeling inspired — and enabling others to achieve the same.

My curiosity constantly informs and evolves the way I work, finding inspiration in nature, people, travel, and a wide range of fields spanning art, design and science.

In my own time I also surf waves, roam across Dartmoor and swim in the sea all year round — alone for headspace, or together with family and friends.

My passions: a mix of people, nature, creativity. learning — whether swimming mid-winter in the English Channel, walking on Dartmoor, surfing in Cornwall, or sharing knowledge and fun at work.
Being different

I have been privileged to work with a wide and diverse range of people, in the UK and around the world. People who want to show up authentically, true to themselves and the way they are.

All my life, the people I’ve worked with have always commented that I seem to see things differently. I wouldn’t know why, but it’s true that I often notice things others don’t. And I’m not someone who easily accepts conventional wisdom or the status quo.

As such my coaching practice tends to attract people who are prepared to question systems, set boundaries, unleash their true selves, and help make the world a better place.

Helping you help yourself

Whatever your background or aspiration, I will support your whole self without prejudice or judgment.

I’m a strong believer in helping you find your own way, with a coaching approach that is rooted in evidence-based practice and proven to generate results.

“Thierry was great at helping me uncover the crux of the issue and find a clear way forward.”

Mid-career professional (2022)

Although some people come to me for advice, my primary expertise lies in knowing what questions to ask. Questions that will stop you in your tracks and move your thinking to the next level. Some of my questions may surprise you. Your own answers, perhaps even more.

I will challenge and support you with empathy, calm, creativity, impartiality, a sense of humour, and a strong foundation in evidence-based coaching.

My coaching journey

Throughout my global career in leadership and consulting I’ve been lucky to be coached by inspirational coaches and mentors, and to have received world-class training in leadership and personal development. This sowed the seeds that ultimately led to me coaching on a professional basis. I’ve since worked with leaders and professionals around the world, most of whom have since achieved their desired outcomes.

As a coach I’m accredited to Senior Practitioner level with the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, EMCC, and hold the most senior (Level 7) executive coaching certification accredited by the UK Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). I’m also a longstanding Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS), with a PhD in geodesy from Newcastle University, UK.

As a lifelong learner I engage in continuous professional development. Like all good coaches I eat my own dog food and work with a coach of my own, including formal coaching supervision. I adhere to the EMCC’s Global Code of Ethics upholding the highest ethical and professional standards.

You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter. Check out recent articles, presentations or podcast interviews on my blog. Contact me here.

Keep growing!

Thierry Gregorius PhD
Executive Coach

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