What my clients say

“When I feel stuck Thierry always gets me to think differently, and I end up walking away with completely new ideas.”
— Patrizia B, Head of DesignOps, UK
(read her full testimonial here or on LinkedIn)

“Thierry’s coaching has been of great value to both me and my executive team. He is a thoughtful listener, guiding me in an unsuspecting way to identify the root of the issue at hand, develop possible solutions and design a plan to implement.”
— CEO of mid-sized enterprise, USA

“Thierry helped me stay grounded and focused during difficult investor negotiations. As a result I stayed true to my values, declined an early offer and signed an investor who is completely aligned with my mission.”
— CEO of agritech start-up, India

“I am now much clearer on the direction I want to take my business, and what I need to do to get there. Thierry also held me accountable for my own progress.”
— Geospatial entrepreneur, UK

Thierry’s coaching opened my mind about my skills, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, approach to leadership and way more, in amazing ways I hadn’t predicted when we started. As a result I landed a new senior management role in a sector I’m passionate about.
— G., technology director, UK

Talking with Thierry helped to put me in a better frame of mind and
prepare my for my job search and interviews. The result speaks for itself.

— Experienced full-stack developer, USA

“I was very happy with the experience… Thierry was very easy to talk to, he understood… I learned that changing one’s perspective has a huge impact… After my coaching sessions I felt more energised and achieved new goals.”
— Devlyn H, product manager, UK

“Coaching gave me the confidence to develop my own style as a leader, get clarity on competing priorities, and foster trust in my team.”
— Head of technology, public sector organisation, UK

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