Learning from different occupations

Do you ever look at people in other professions and feel inspired by how they work?

I often do. Especially occupations that are very different from my own – more physical, more artistic, or just completely unrelated.

Seeing how different people approach different roles makes me wonder what universal lessons we can learn that are applicable to any given job – including our own. Whether we are cartographers, coaches, designers, developers, scientists, leaders, or anything else.

For example…

WORK LIKE A FARMER… Farmers don’t waste time behind a desk, they are out and about. They roll up their sleeves and muck in, while keeping an eye on the big picture (weather, seasons). Their job is never finished; they deal with what’s in front of them. When they see an issue, they fix it. They accept what they can and can’t control. They create an environment for growth, then let the crops do their own growing. They don’t shout at clouds.

THINK LIKE AN ARCHITECT… Architects find elegant solutions to complex problems through sketching, modelling, and collaborating. They marry form and function while bringing together different parties to build a clear vision, within tight constraints, around a deep understanding of people’s needs. They are prepared to take on many competing priorities, but they never compromise on their vision.

MOVE LIKE A DANCER… Okay, I’ll never move like a ballerina, but… professional dancers have an inspiring drive for excellence. Their fitness is on a par with Olympic athletes. They push themselves, but they also look after themselves – because they truly understand that their body is their greatest and only asset. And they embrace their bodies as a source of creativity and wisdom.

There are many lessons for me here. Move and get out more. Sketch and collaborate. Deal with things as they arise. Accept what you can’t control. Stay the course. Trust my body to hold the answers.

What professions are you inspired by? What can we learn from them?

(pictures from Unsplash)