Talking about geospatial careers on the MapScaping podcast

A couple of weeks ago I had the great pleasure of being interviewed on the MapScaping Podcast which, with several thousand weekly listeners, is one of the biggest podcasts in the geospatial world. Host Daniel O’Donohue and I chatted about geospatial careers, including:

  • What is a geospatial career
  • Why doing good work is not enough to progress your career
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome
  • Why it is important to talk to other people for feedback and inspiration
  • Why career management is important, not just for employees but also freelancers and entrepreneurs
  • How to generate career options when you’re stuck in a rut or running on autopilot
  • The transferrable skills of geospatial
  • Why coaching is more powerful than advice-giving
  • And many other things…

Listen to the podcast here (36 mins) or via your favourite podcast provider (search for episode 99). The MapScaping website also features a loose transcript of the conversation.

Keep growing!