Simple truths, big breakthroughs

Success means different things to different people. And the biggest breakthroughs can come from small things hiding in plain sight.

Recently I reconnected with several former coaching clients with whom I had worked a couple of years ago. It was inspiring to hear their tales of transformation and success. (As a coach, it makes it all worthwhile!)

What struck me most is how often simple truths turned out to be transformational for their lives and careers. It’s almost reminiscent of Sartre’s quote, “nothing has changed yet everything is different”.

A subtle change of perspective that, like a nudge of a billiard ball on a pool table, changes the game entirely.

For one client, there had been the a-ha moment when she realised that she had a great network waiting to be unlocked. There was no need to requalify or change industry. The mere willingness to reach out, to be curious, to embrace serendipity, was enough to lead to a surprising new job that fit like a glove.

Another client had clear leadership skills and ambition, but no role or organisation ever felt right. His breakthrough was the honest admission that corporate life was not for him, and he was chasing someone else’s dream. This simple truth unlocked the door to rediscovering his love of sharing knowledge and solving problems. He is now redeploying his skills as a consultant.

A further client had a major insight when she realised that she was always putting her own needs last. That serving others was a noble pursuit, but not if it came at great cost to herself. That no further qualifications or experience would make any difference. Until she realised that she mattered, and that she was good enough already. She just had to seize it.

Of course, there is no such thing as a “happy ever after”. Like a garden or motorcycle, a good life and career take constant work and maintenance. That is part of the fun. As such, some people are reconnecting to discover what’s next for them in their new worlds. I can’t wait to see what that is.

What’s next for you?