Today is 3 weeks since I broke my wrist on Dartmoor, hiking solo to a secluded swimming spot. I believe that life is for living, and a broken arm is a small price to pay for a lifetime of outdoor adventure.

Although painful, and having to work at reduced capacity, I have since felt more productive doing less, being more focused and intentional with my time.

Much thanks to my colleagues for their flexibility and support, to my clients for continuing to inspire me, and to the brilliant NHS staff at the Royal Devon Hospital in Exeter for putting my arm back together!

It’s also been a great time to appreciate small things, and reflect on the important things in my life.

Also today, Pip and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary. I’ve been proudly and happily married to her for 24 years. Here’s a pic of us enjoying the spectacle of freak snow showers in the woods. Carpe diem!

Pip and Thierry, April 2022