I notice more people taking sabbaticals from work. I also notice that some people feel guilty about it. Only this morning I spoke to someone who said her sabbatical is a “privilege” and her tone of voice sounded embarrassed.

It’s true that not everyone can afford to take a sabbatical, but if you are in the fortunate position to do it – don’t feel guilty, enjoy it!!

It’s a precious opportunity to take time out, reflect, recharge – and you will come back with new inspiration and energy. The world will be better for it.

It’s basically like putting on your oxygen mask. There is a reason why in-flight safety briefings tell you to put your own mask on before helping others – it’s for everyone’s safety. It helps no one if you pass out while helping others.

So if you have the opportunity to take some time out, don’t be afraid to look after yourself. It won’t last forever, and when you return your impact could be much more meaningful – for you, and everyone else.

Meanwhile, embrace your break while you can!

Image: iStockPhoto

This post was first published on my LinkedIn feed on 9 February 2022.